SUNDAYS are for ME!

Hey there everyone!! This post is coming from a more personal opinion and less research based. Although my blog entities are 110% Me! I do tend to gather influence and bits of information off of different sites! One of the great things about today’s digital age is that we have any information/picture/store right at our finger tips!

This post is about taking time for ourselves to REST! To wake up and say to ourselves that “today I don’t HAVE to do work, today I can do whatever I want!”. Sunday’s (or whatever day works for you!) should be a “work if you want” type of day! Take this post for instance, I’m writing it on my “day of rest” but it’s because I WANT to! The idea is in my head so I want to get it out. But I don’t feel like I have to dedicate hours to TheBarn_Yard and my Web Developer Course today! Today I plan to watch my son rock it between the pipes. (hockey jargon, my son is a Goalie!) and take some time to let my big amazing brain rest!

For the past 8 years I worked in the Social Services field, I’ve worked anywhere from Group Homes to Nursing Homes even in a Hospital! Throughout my experience of working with people of all walks of life, I have taken away so many great experiences and memories! However on the downside I also took away BURNOUT! I wasn’t burnout from my work in the field, or the wonderful humans I worked with. It was individuals (some) in “higher” positions who were known to only micromanage the front lines, hiding behind a desk or a phone, and really at the end of the day only looking out for themselves! More on that another time!

So the moral of this post is BURNOUT IS REAL! When my prof’s in College used to talk about it, as a young naive 20 something year old, I would think ‘Bah! That will never happen to me’ Here I am switching careers at 31…

Which is my point of this post!!! I don’t want to get burnt out again! Sure I won’t have any “higher” positions overlooking me in the moment, but it could happen! I hope to be able to become successful as a Freelance Boss, but as I’ve said before life is fluid! But in any case I will have to deal with billions of humans (hopefully one day!) around the world through comments, feedback, and networking; and now that I am a less (not cured yet) naive 31 year old I know that not every day is going to be made of of rainbows and butterflies (what a perfect life that would be). So THEREFORE I need to not only ensure that I do my “daily self care” but also take a day to rest! To only post if I want to, not because I feel I have to. And now I’m not religious by any means, but I will take the day to reflect on my past week and the week ahead, and get into my ‘superhero mode’ so that I can deal with the ups and downs of the week ahead!

Happy Sunday Everyone!! Thanks for being here!


# Defy YOUR Comfort Zone

Fear, is your old “pal” ANXIETY telling you that you can’t do this, or can’t do that (“as a Mental Health Worker for the past 7+ years, I’ve seen many different types of anxiety monsters…” “Grrrrr). Life is fluid…it’s about change, growth, learning new information and most importantly EXPERIENCING NEW THINGS!

Regularly trying new things may help you discover a new talent (“I’ve been playing guitar regularly now for about a week, and I’ve gotta be honest I’m ready to hit up “The Launch” auditions!…haha just kidding! But for real though, I’m getting better“). It can also help relieve of some of that stress that has been weighing you down or simply just to give yourself some ME TIME to escape into your new adventure, even if it’s only for 15 minutes a day three times a week!

Breakfast 🍳 of Hustlers!

WW Toast with peanut butter, banana, milk, probiotic yogurt

When I first started walking down this path, I knew that in order for myself to actually have a shot and to actually get somewhere with this, I needed to create a schedule! Now, my schedule may be fluid at times….okay, you got me! It’s fluid everyday! But my brain looks at it as ‘as long as I accomplish the items that are in the schedule, we’ll be okay!’ doesn’t matter in what order!

Except EATING omg I love love love EATING!!! Which will be clearly outlined in the “Things to Taste” section on my webpage! However even though I love food, I’ve always had a hard time with BREAKFAST… And that’s probably because back in the day when I USED to sleep past 6 I would only wake up with enough time to preform the “3 S’s”, get dressed and get my @$$ out the door; therefore, no time for breakfast in there!

So moral of this post is! BREAKFAST IS IMPORTANT! Eat those amazing carbs in the morning to give you energy for whatever you have to tackle that day! But don’t go too crazy on carbs…cause ain’t’ no body got time to talk about where they go! I’ll try and share some of my breakfast creations and just a forewarning…I can get a little random sometimes!!

Enjoy Breakfast people!


How it all Started

CREATING this blog isn’t just something I stumbled upon randomly, or that I’m doing just for the fun of it, although I am really enjoying it so far! In December of last year I was laid off from a job that I thought was the dream jackpot of my career…turns out I was wrong, but more on that later…

So I had been dabbling with the ideas of a career change! I thought about group home owner, to automotive mechanic and even thought about carpentry for a little while! What I wasn’t thinking about is what else I was passionate about, because for me a job isn’t just about the money, it’s about passion.

So fast forward to January 2020, new year, new decade and so much was happening in the world (FYI you will never see politics on this blog, it is way to controversial for my liking) it was crazy! And for some reason despite all of this bizarreness it was like a light bulb went off! I finally knew what I was going to do! I was going to become a independent web developer

So I immediately start doing some research and read some of the first links that popped up from my Google search results and one of the most common tips in the blogs and forums I read was “create an online presence while you learn!”

And so there it is! The creation story of TheBarn_Yard! You’ll find more of my journey throughout my site!

Thanks for being here!