# When YOUR Brain wants to Quit remember why YOU Started

This is the one I personally STRUGGLE with the most. The fear I’ve been plagued with the most is not starting something new that’s meaningful to me, because I have the tendency to not finish THINGS I’ve started, therefore I immediately tell myself I CANNOTWHEN I CAN! I will admit that even though I love this new learning journey I STILL have MOMENTS every day where my brain is like ‘OMG can we just go sit on the couch in our PJ’s, play some Mario and move on with our lives?!’ But that thought passes and before I know it I’m through another lecture video, or have completed another post for my page! Either way…PROGRESS!

I think that sometimes when we are taking on some new challenge whatever it be, our brains get to the point of wanting to quit BECAUSE it’s on the verge of something GREAT! Think about it! You’re probably learning tons of new information, and with that, IDEAS!…hundreds, if you’re lucky, will start popping up in that all mighty organ of yours, so no WONDER it gets tired. So to combat this personally I remind myself to SLOW DOWN! Prioritize the most important things, and do a fun project like “Start a Blog” at the same time. So far the advice I’ve given myself/researched is working out pretty well!

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