Breakfast 🍳 of Hustlers!

WW Toast with peanut butter, banana, milk, probiotic yogurt

When I first started walking down this path, I knew that in order for myself to actually have a shot and to actually get somewhere with this, I needed to create a schedule! Now, my schedule may be fluid at times….okay, you got me! It’s fluid everyday! But my brain looks at it as ‘as long as I accomplish the items that are in the schedule, we’ll be okay!’ doesn’t matter in what order!

Except EATING omg I love love love EATING!!! Which will be clearly outlined in the “Things to Taste” section on my webpage! However even though I love food, I’ve always had a hard time with BREAKFAST… And that’s probably because back in the day when I USED to sleep past 6 I would only wake up with enough time to preform the “3 S’s”, get dressed and get my @$$ out the door; therefore, no time for breakfast in there!

So moral of this post is! BREAKFAST IS IMPORTANT! Eat those amazing carbs in the morning to give you energy for whatever you have to tackle that day! But don’t go too crazy on carbs…cause ain’t’ no body got time to talk about where they go! I’ll try and share some of my breakfast creations and just a forewarning…I can get a little random sometimes!!

Enjoy Breakfast people!


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